The Statistics On Bariatric Surgery Are Very Skewed Data/Bad Press

There is this myth

That bariatric surgery

Is the fix.

It’s a myth

That it works

90% of the time —

It’s a myth that

90% of patients lose 50% of the weight

Either it’s a myth

Or my uncle amounts for

The whole 10%!

There are

Many, many negative side effects

Of bariatric surgery

Including dumping syndrome


Heartburn, acid reflux

Gallstones and countless others

Things that get swept

Under the rug

As less scary

Less bad

Less debilitating

Than obesity.

I think the number one lie

About bariatric surgery

Is that they

“Only offer it to

Super fat people.”

I’ve been offered it, when I was

16, 19, 21, 22, 26, and 29 years old

That’s a whole lot of times

For someone who—

At all of those times

Weighed less than 300lbs.

They use it as a

Legitimate option—

Never intended to scare you

That’s some sort of

Fat person’s anti-anti-fat-bigotry problem


Men bring in their girlfriends

Who are overweight

And offer cutting out the stomach

“They don’t need”

I’ve been waiting

Since I was 16

For a bariatric surgery horror movie

But I guess

That sort of bad press

About fat people’s bodies

Isn’t what the public needs


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