The Straight-Pride Parade Of Body Positivity

I swear to god

If one more person

Who struggles with their

“Thin body image”

Says it is anything

Close to

The experience

Of being overweight, obese, or morbidly—

I swear to fucking god I’m gonna figure out how to

Hack the whole internet

And stop all of you

Skinny fucking dipshits

Getting sympathy for your

Small statures

Stop fucking saying anything.

No more posts !


It is not an insult

To be called something

Most people are trying to be.

To me? Personally?

Thin bodies complaining about

Being skinny is basically

The straight pride parade

Of body positivity.

Nobody asked for it, nobody needs it

And all it does

Is make life harder for fat people —

Harder than it already is.

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