The Straights Uhaul The Most

Straight up.

Idk maybe it’s just all the

Ex lesbian (current?) baggage I have

Being told I’m gonna uhaul with somebody

On a first date

Cue the laugh track…!

But straight people uhaul

More than any of us

Prolifically, to tell the truth.

It’s honestly crazy because

As a queer person

You can follow the script, or you can


You can get engaged within three-six months of dating

As a proper, normal cis hetero courtship

Or you can get engaged within three-sex months of dating

A same sex partner

And UHAUL THAT BITCH like the stereotype insists. Lmfao

Oh also don’t forget

Straight couples do not move in together

You’ve gotta have that whole

“Healthy boundaries” thing

Where you don’t find out

Anything about this motherfucker

Until you’re married

And filing for a divorce

Confused as to why your SO is a fucking asshole?!

Because you fucking

Lived separately the whole fucking time.

I can’t even.

Why is it more acceptable

To marry straight in two months

After having never slept over

After not knowing what this persons

Nightly and morning routine and

Daily life is like—

Who is uhauling again?!?!

Wtf smh

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