The Sweater that Soured my Soul

Wearing men’s clothing

Doesn’t make women look


Being masculine,

Makes you look masc.


Who like butch women

Are not secretly into men

Because butch women–

Are not secretly men.

That’d be afab ftm.

One time my dad

Bought me and my mom and my sister

Matching sweaters for Christmas.

They were very soft femme sweaters

It made me sick to my stomach

I put it on

Over my huge, strong shoulders

And I looked like

A linebacker

Wearing a dress

In the picture

I do not look like

I’m wearing the same sweater

As everyone else

Because I’m not

A fucking woman

And that sweater

Didn’t fit!

Who the fuck


Oh yeah

That’s it

That’s the gift for all these people

One sweater to rule them all

Fucking fuck .?!

I am not a woman

And this sweater is for chicks

I didn’t look

At all feminine

The same way

Dwayne the Rock

Doesn’t look fishy fish

In a dress.

When people say

Why do lesbians like masculine women?

What I hear is–

Why do I hate masculine women?

Because that’s what you really feel!

What is so mind boggling

About loving a woman

Who can take the wheel?

What kind of man

Wouldn’t want to be ridden

Into the next town and back

By a woman with a soft heart

And a sensitive clit

Who understands how you’re feeling

When you’re taking it all in ?

What the fuck

About clothing

Makes the man?

Oh right, it doesn’t.

A woman in any clothing,

If she identifies as such–


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