The Thing About Leather…/Lifestyle

I get that people hate killing animals

I understand that, makes sense. Would be weird

If you enjoyed it, most people agree on that.

The thing about leather is that, while sure— it’s a byproduct

Of the meat industry, in rather large quantities.

To be like

“I don’t eat meat—

I don’t wear leather —

I don’t even look at feathers”

Idk man it’s like

What would you prefer, exactly?

The truth is loads of people are still gonna eat meat and

As much as one cow dies

There will be leather.

That’s how it works. Even if the cow dies

Of natural causes

On a reserve for rescued factory farm animals

Run by vegans —

There will be leather.

Even then.

You won’t wear leather

Even if the cow dies of old age

And gave you its permission …?

What if ol Bessie wanted you to remember her daily. Idk man

The thing about leather

Is it exists, whether or not

It’s socially trendy for you to signal—

It still exists. It would otherwise be

Decomposing in your neighborhood

Wouldn’t you rather just put it to use instead…?

Oh right

Your use is to signal

Health and prosperity to others

Through your lifestyle.

I guess I’m triggered because it reminds me

Of all the other signals people send

That don’t mean anything

When you factor in all the different decomposing truths people do and do not want to see

Depending on where they stand.

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