The “Trans Community”

If I had a dollar for everytime

Someone told me I was part of some sort of tribe.

The trans community is not a community–

It isn’t. It houses no one

It protects no one

The reason we have rights is because of

Gay white males and I swear to fucking god

These people

Who complain

About the “community”

Are driving me fucking insane.

It isn’t one

Definitely not nowadays

What is it that you want exactly?

A family ?

A friend?

A fuck?

Is that what a community is to you?

Cuz you ain’t gonna get any of that

From “the queer community”

Jesus fucking christ ya’ll.

Your identity and your choices

And your life

Are yours, you don’t share that

With other people.

We are a community because of

Who excludes us–

Maybe next time you wonder

Why it is

You hate the “trans community” so much

Maybe it’s because you’re the one excluding everyone.

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