The Ugliness/Twice

The ugliness she taught me about myself

Has dissipated quickly. I am simply

Astonished by the number of people

That find me beautiful and want to love me —

I only wish I could leave the ugliness behind

Quicker than she laid it on me, I am simply

Unable to appreciate myself unless I am

Alone, unworried about onlookers

Unaware of the visuals I am

So happy now that I don’t have

An anxious selfie bitch over my shoulder

Making me feel too ugly for her Facebook feed

Her socials determine all her priorities

I asked her once if she cared about

Trans issues or trans rights and she just got

Awkward and made me feel ugly

Just for asking. Never mind the fact that

She is disgusting. of course her tits and her ass

Are marvelous but who could bear to be around someone

That makes you feel like that about yourself.

I am so mad that I allowed it to happen

Twice, even.


I need to be single for the rest of my life.

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