The Uncanny Valley as Trans Experience

It’s just the most incredible experience

To read this “book” “Irreversible Damage”

(book– or long blog post…?)

About teenage girls

Escaping womanhood

By transitioning and

Joining the transgender cult ideology

When undeniably

It was way, way easier for me

To be a cis woman in the world

Not because it was what I was

But because it’s what people expect

If you dare defy expectation

You stick out, and you are deemed

Ugly, undesirable, a freak

Trans people voluntarily cast themselves

Into the uncanny valley

A place most people fear to venture–

A place I felt I was born into.

I suppose that

This woman’s suggestion

Is to be a lesbian, or to be a woman

And to join another cult entirely

The cult of heteronormative society

The one we are all born into unwillingly

Some of us notice, and some of us

Only notice the ones who leave.

Not quite cis– to them–

Is not quite human.

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