The Way Things Are— It Costs $$$$$$ To Be Trans/Self-Made Man/I Miss Medicaid lol

It’s not classicist to acknowledge the truth—

Depending on your situation

You can have top surgery for

Very, very little money

(Compared to the quotes I see online)

Mine was $1,680

Which is, honestly, just the remainder of my deductible.

If I had already met my deductible it would have been

Less than that.

Since I had so much money saved up

I decided to also have $2k worth of liposuction.

My surgeon used it as a tool

To help shape and get rid of what was basically just

Side boob and bra shit.

This is clearly a privilege— however

You can only have top surgery done once, if

You’re trying to avoid repeat surgeries—

If you’re concerned about complications, extra scarring.

It’s worth it to have the two operations done at once if recommended by the surgeon.

As things are now—

You have to have $$$$$$$$

To be trans.

It’s fucking expensive.

I was on Medicaid before recently and

Was making very little money during the pandemic —

Every vial of testosterone

Hurt my wallet brain.

Thank god for Medicaid— it covered it


However if you make enough money

You get kicked off easily

Which sucks, but makes sense.

Now that I have my own private insurance—

I spend way, way too much money on being trans.

The Medicaid days were glorious.

Free t free needles endless free endo appointments.

Now it’s like— eh

I dunno about this.

Why did I wait to have top surgery ?

For one, my surgeon cancelled on me

Due to my BMI

Secondly I really, really

Couldn’t afford it.

I found a surgeon who took

Insurance and

That brought the figures

Down into a reasonable range, for me

And my finances— I was able to pay it off

Immediately instead of financing it over months.

I understand that people crowd fund

I understand that for some—

That is successful

But personally

I just couldn’t bring myself to do that—

I knew that it would be too much for me

To feel as if everyone contributed

Too much pressure on

Some nerve I can’t explain.

I wanted to be a self-made man

Anyway it costs way too much $$$$$$ to be trans

Way too much if you ask me

Mostly because I know

How bleak it looks

From the perspective of someone

Who can’t afford shit. Who has no hope

No chance of affording any of it.

To that person I say—

Get your ass some Medicaid.

Also— crowd fund for top surgery

Over charge them so you have enough

For recovery.

Or if you want—

HMU and I can give you tips

On how to get a job that helps pay for shit

Like top surgery.

Lmao speaking of which—

Time to go pick up some gel I get to try

Now that my deductible is met…!

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