The Way Ya’ll Use “Cis” Is An Insult

I used to think that cis people were dumb

For thinking that cis was an insult, but that was

Years before I got a reddit account.


Is a word used to describe people

Whose gender aligns with their sex observed at birth.

Cis people did not choose to be cis

It’s how they were born 🤣


Does not mean

You are not transgender, you can

Identify as any of the non-binary or genderqueer identities

And still be cisgender.

Cisgender is literally a descriptor for

Birth sex alignment, and the individual’s needs and experience

Transitioning in the world.

Being non-binary and happy as a cisgender person

Comes with certain privileges that a non-binary trans person

Who is desperately unhappy with their circumstances–

Doesn’t have. Things like– not feeling the need to have surgery,

Or be on hormones, or present differently in society.

It doesn’t make any of them

More or less non-binary, it just means

Their life experience is different.

While watching Crip Camp on Netlflix–

I was a bit reminded of this.

When someone with CP

Describes the natural advantages that “the polios” have

Non-binary identities who are happy being born cis

Are much like the polios, and

Transgender people are much like the CP’s.

Both parties disabled, both parties unaccepted by society– but

Both parties live life with completely different challenges, abilities and biases.

Plenty of people with other disabilities

Walk and live and succeed in normal lives

With expertise’s. The perception

Of people with different problems

Requiring different approaches–

Has the same solution.

The rights that were fought and won

By trans people for trans people

Are for everyone– the same way

Jackasses steal handicapped spots

Every fucking day.

Ain’t no way to prevent it.

Accessibility makes stealing

More accessible.

It’s also necessary.

Will trans people be mad

At being forced to see sex and gender

As non-binary? Almost certainly.

Will non-binary “identities”/people who are content

With their bodies, presentations, names, pronouns

And bathroom habits–

Please stop saying

They are trans, when they haven’t had to go anywhere

Or do anything?


Ain’t nobody like what I’m saying but

I know it’s the truth–

If you don’t need to be trans

To be transgender– that means

Cisgender people

Deserve space under the umbrella, too.

Explain to me how it is

This movement will ever be taken seriously

If the only people who aren’t allowed in

Is everyone under the black and white “cis” umbrella

Standing to the side, when nobody cis

Chose the way they were born, either.

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