The World Runs On Anger/Medusa Speaks

Always has.




Anger is one of these, and

For whatever reason

Disdain for outrage

Is the only kind of anger

All parties approve of regardless.

I guess– anger used to

Stifle another’s anger

Is anger well spent…?


Anger is righteous, and

Feelings are defensive. Perceived, experienced,

Not always bled bare for all to see.

Anger– on the other hand

Anger has proof, anger has pudding

Anger has war, dominance, and victory.

Maybe clickbait and technology

Is being fueled by misinformation

Because of feelings

Or maybe anger, contempt, disdain

Simplification, stereotyping, racial profiling

All of the worst instincts that can be fired through

An app on your phone– that’s what

Sells the most. Maybe

It’s the great softening, we’re experiencing

Or maybe we got so hard

We’ve been turned to stone.

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