“The Zone”

The worst part about

Obesity and the lack of progress

Is that when the simplicity-focused crowd finally come to the conclusion

That there is another element contributing

To other bodies problems that

They don’t inhabit, personally—

The worst part is

They will say things like

“Well we didn’t know better—

We were just going off of

What the “science told us” at the time”

Bitch please —

The advertisements for diet programs on your phone

Are not scientific studies, I think

What you meant to say

Is that you were going off of

What your gut told you, which is sometimes right—

But often science goes against what you

May or may not find instinctively right—


The evolution of mankind! Or —

Climate change. Or —

Invitro fertilization

All things that seem

Preposterous and ridiculous

When you’re living inside your asshole,

Not ever understanding or developing an interest in

The details, and if you were—

You’d realize— wow—

I’d never come up with this on my own,

But I’m glad someone else noticed.”

But yeah yeah yeah

Calories in, calories out,

Exercise until your anxiety becomes

So all encompassing that you’ve turned it off—

You’re now living in “the zone”


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