Theory vs Practice

In theory the world is

Mostly good people but

In practice it really depends

On each moment, as it happens

As any of us can be evil.

In theory there are more

Allies than there are queer voices,

In theory there are more bisexuals

Than there are mono’s

In theory there are no

Pansexual or bisexual transphobes, and

In theory being gay

Gives you queer eyes, but

In practice,

None of these things

Make any sense

And they’re all offensive.

In theory there are

No TERFs, only transphobes

In theory there is not enough

Representation of trans masculine voices,

And in theory

The average trans person

Lives without regret and

Never has thoughts of suicide after

Their to-do list is met, however

In practice

We all struggle, we all repent

We all need a hug and we all need

To check in.

In theory

JK Rowling and Dave Chappelle are

Bigots because they spoke their own

Perspective, and it clashed

With the script

The woke left reads off of

On it’s various cultish instagram pages–

But in practice–

That’s what everyone else is doing.

Trans people are just existing.

Thoughts pass, instincts and urges–


Gender dysphoria, much like

Any other hormonal disorder

May or may not require

A prescription, it’ll depend

On each individual.

In theory

HRT helps with transition

But in practice

If you didn’t have far to go,

You might not have needed

To hop in an uber to get there.

In theory

All trans people know

They are trans

At x time

Because of y circumstance

And they got z diagnosis

But in practice

Some of those same people

With those same diagnoses

With those same circumstances

Detransition, and struggle

With their decision to medically transition

Their whole lives.

In theory

It would be easy to make a guide

Being an LGBTQAI resource

It would be simple

Just post links

To things that matter

And tag the right SEO,

Pay the right amount for

Google advertisements, and

Whammo– you’ve got yourself a platform

But in practice

I struggle financially, and

I don’t think it’s right

To insist that I’m something

That money should be throttled into–

I am just an entity, a thought-bank

A trans resource for trans people

Who aren’t looking for

Top surgery photos, or

T cock photos before and after

Years of hormones.

That isn’t what I can provide

In theory, I can provide

An authentic experience

The one that I practiced

As I have it, as I live it

As I survive. I don’t think it’s important

To look any certain sort of way

I think it’s important

To find value in yourself

No matter what you look like

And that,

Is something that you have to practice

Without any theorizing.

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