There Are No Solutions For The TERF Pain Points

No presentation can relieve them

No technology, no

Innovation, no

Progress, no

No recognition no


There is nothing that will help these people

Move forward.

They aren’t backwards either they’re just

Spinning around on their

Pedestals like bar stools

Demanding demanding demanding to be served

For the sake of

“History”, as they call it.

As if somehow

The women that paved the way to progress

Did it by sitting around and


It’s one of the main reasons I eventually just

Stopped giving a shit

About being mean to TERFs—

They’re gonna fucking scream that you stabbed them

No matter what.

It’s the 2022 equivalent of the

White woman calling the cops on the

Black man walking across the street—

Oh fuck right that’s still happening all the time

Goddamn I bet there is a

Whole lot

Of crossover between these demographics.

Anyway, who am I to say

Just some infiltrator who fucking

Threw up after months and months of

Trying to understand what they’re bitching about—

They are quite literally moaning

About their own self loathing

Calling it feminism, calling it progress

Calling out absolutely everyone except for themselves.

Ahh but sure

Go ahead and cower behind your

Rich white woman celebrity and your

Trans man porn star who are noticing that

The world is sick of them and

Instead of having talent or skill or

Contributing anything at all —

They’ll get their next big hit

By banging their fucking heads into the wall

Screaming about separatist women’s liberation while they

Simultaneously build a wall.

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