There Is No Such Thing As Mental Healthcare For Fat People

There is no such thing as a fat-friendly therapist

At least, I haven’t met one

In real life or on the internet—

As a fat person I struggle with

Discrimination on a constant basis

And if I seek therapy

To try and heal, or work through it—

I am told I must lose it.

Either the weight

Or the attitude —

No one understands or respects obesity

As anything other than something

They don’t want to have, and oftentimes

Well-meaning individuals

Will insist you are near death because of it.

The times I’ve tried to talk

To anyone about these issues

I have been mocked, chided and ridiculed

But chief and most common of all

Are the so-called

“Harsh truthers”

The ones, who

Sometimes therapists, often just

Folks I ended up talking with

Will tell me

That losing weight is

1. Simple

2. Easy

3. Their friend did it this way and

4. Have you considered surgery if you’re really that serious?

The most important thing

Is that they’ve never been fat, they’ve never been

Sick with cushings, they’ve never

Lived with me they’ve never

Seen me eat they’ve never met me

More than a few minutes

And yet

All of my issues

That I’ve been struggling with

For decades are simply

Trivial bits of nonsense— I mean

If you just dream yourself thin

Or tap your wrists

Or cut most of your stomach out —

The solution is so simple—

Just change absolutely everything about yourself

For your whole life, forever

Dedicate all of yourself to being

Not fat— so that you can finally live

As not fat. What we’ve all always wanted

All along.

The most important thing for anyone to be—

Not fat.

Not fat at all.

Sometimes I think about

The irony

That over the course of a decade

Over 50% of bariatric surgery patients gain weight.

They often have repeat surgeries

With many failures.

None of this matters

To the doctors

Because 50% is still better

Than no one, in their eyes

Besides !

If the patient gains weight

It’s their own fault—

It’s never the doctors

Or the procedures fault —

Always. Always always the fat cow’s

They say things like

“Psychological factors and addiction habits are often at fault—“

Which brings me back

To where I started the poem—

There is no such thing

As therapy for fat people—

Only nutritionists, life coaches,

Trainers, surgeons, and

Shame, eternal.

If you dare ask for anything

Besides a healthy recipe

You’re “digging your own grave”

Oh and my favorite part —

Suicide, and suicidal ideation

Are only taken seriously

When the person

“Has something to live for”

Often the very thing

Fat people are unable to achieve.

At least for me.

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