“There’s No Such Thing As Thin Privilege”/Medical Issues

Screams the idiot

There’s also apparently

No such thing as

White privilege

Or class privilege

Depending on what

Asshole you run into that day.

My girlfriend since dating me

Has lost weight, like all of

My girlfriends do—

She also got picked on

At work today

By someone who was

Complaining about their own

Body image issues.

“It’s transparent”

I say—

“She has issues

With her body, so she insists

Its completely normal

In every way

For everyone else to feel that way”

Even though my girlfriend weighs

130 pounds and doesn’t need to lose

Any weight—

A fully grown woman

Who weighs less than her

Fat shamed her today.

I understand that

Thin people

Are harassed for their weight and appearance

I understand that

Body dysmorphia

Doesn’t discriminate

But what I don’t understand

Is why sick people

Insist on making everyone else

As sick as them—

All while screaming about

How thin privilege

Isn’t real.

If you don’t think

You’re thin enough, despite

Not having any weight to lose—

I’m sorry but

That’s a medical issue.

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