“They’re In The Right Place!!”

I feel like most people know this

And yet the insist

On binding regardless.

My surgeon, at my

Second consultation

(The first surgeon was a waste of human life POS)

And my surgeon said

“OH!! Yay!!—

They’re in the right place !!”

I begged to differ lmao

But I asked

“What do you mean?”

She said

“Binding damages and presses and can give worse results from surgery”

I’ve heard of this but

Before living it, I was certain

I wouldn’t qualify. That my side scars

From too tight bras and my

Left tit that is twice as big

So many things a surgeon

“Wouldn’t be able to fix—“

I convinced myself.

But instead

All of those years of sports bras

And hiding indoors

Instead of binders

Might actually have been

The ticket to my goals.

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