“This Is What Trans Looks Like”

The secret goal of the trans community

Is to control the narrative and

Exclude anyone they don’t see as

Trans enough, or at least

A body that

Anyone would want to have.

“This is what trans looks like”

Is a shirt

That only a desirable body wears

As a way to tell the internet

“See– I’m hot–

Aren’t you surprised?!?!?

Trans guys are hot, ya’ll

Look at this

Trans body”

No one


That not a single one of these bodies

Is too fat to be deemed

Desirable, no one

Ever notices

That most trans people

Don’t look like that– never will–

Most of all

No one ever notices

The discrimination happening

To higher BMI trans people

And to be honest

All of that shit

Is a performance

For cis people who

Still don’t see you as real.

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