TikTok Is A TBD For Me

I need to like


Get more active on TikTok and

Try and burst more content

Out my ass into different toilets


Avoid it like I’ve been doing

Most all other things, because

Authenticity matters to me and

I don’t feel that

Many platforms nowadays

Value authenticity. It’s a huge part of why

I love WordPress so much. It’s insulated

It’s quiet

It publishes to loads of places easily

It fits in my pocket and

As I said before

I can sit on the toilet and make my thoughts

More permanent than my shits. Anyway

TikTok is fascinating.

It’s algorithm is very special

Very secret and

Very patented.

I think when anything that good

Hops along

You’re an idiot if you don’t pay attention.

Alas I just

To me

It’s all insincere bullshit

I wouldn’t be friends with anyone

Performing 5 seconds then

Editing then

5 seconds then

Another edit

I mean the fucking content is

So chop-

Ped up it’s l

Ike a fuc

King cob

B salad.

Is it good? Is it popular ?

Is it worth putting my time into?

Almost certainly but

Shit like that makes me have a hard time

Focusing when I’m not

Trapped in the web stuck and flailing

Waiting for the next viral thing

To come and paralyze me with its poison

Sucking out my attention

Anyway I just

I don’t think it’s very authentic even

The best of the creators to me seem

Fleeting and superficial

A lot of the problems I have

With people nowadays are that they are

1. Image obsessed

2. Status obsessed

3. Ain’t got no attention span and


All of the most popular social media platforms

Prioritize all three of those things.

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