Time’s Sands

People have been searching for ways

To be eternally youthful

For centuries

And for whatever reason

No one wants to acknowledge

The age play that inherently goes along with

HRT, surgery, ect.

I look

Not my age. Testosterone, Estrogen

Age you, and also makes you look

Young as fuck it’s a bizarre combination.

If I had

Body dysphoria about my

Fat, my face, my age

Transitioning very well may seem

Like an aid

But it’s actually

Out of your hands

Much like time’s sands.

Honestly— if you’re a woman

Age masculinizes you, menopause

Hits start on that testosterone

And if you’re a man

As you age

Your levels dwindle and you become

Less of a rock hard cock and more of a

Soft, weepy, tittied old man

The way I will end up, the way

My dad is.

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