To Be Loved By Me

All my life I’ve known that

To be loved by me

Is a rare blessing, a rare bird

Not that I don’t

Hand it out for free–

Of course I do!

But most people

When they get something for free

Like a hug or a pamphlet

They just toss it aside.

In order to be

Loved by me, you have to

Accept that magic might be real

And that miracles may or may not happen

You also have to have both feet

On the ground, at all times

In order to feel the love wrap up

From under your feet to the tip of your

Spinal cord– My love is an inheritance

A wrapper, anyone that is adjacent to me

Feels better. All I’ve ever wanted

In my life, is to be loved by me

Or at least– something like it–

That’s why I’m so heartbroken all the time.

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