When I was young I was

A Tomboy.

That’s what they said.

I wondered if it was bad to be

That, a tomboy.

They assured me it wasn’t.

I guess the part of being a

Tomboy that they don’t tell you

Is that you’re supposed to stop.

Now I dunno, I guess I’m a

Boy Tom. I am going to go through

Puberty again soon, so that makes me a boy now.

When I thought I was a boy,

I wondered if Pinocchio was me.

If I could just lie a lot

And grow a dick

You know, use my nose for something wonderful

Oh, what a face to sit

A Pinocchio dyke with a nose

Every time they say she, it grows.

Oh god, that’d be a dick

So big, no one would want me.

I’m better off without it.

I guess I’m not a dyke anymore?

Is it ok for me to use labels…?

Everyone hates “labels” …

How else are we supposed to talk ?!

It fits. I am that. I will always be that

I guess until I start to fit in.


Except for all this stupid masc envy

Fitting in is a distant hope

A joke, not meant to be

Taken seriously.

I guess I was a tomboy

And I’m staying that way.

Can you be a tomboy in your thirties?

Can I be a tomboy in the grave

Tomboy is what I was, it’s what I stayed.

Fucking labels, right? Tomboy is a word

That sparked joy, to me.

When they called me a tomboy, I knew

I was telling them the right thing

My body loves being a sir, being a boy

All their insults intended to hurt

Make me smile, feel right.

I would’ve noticed sooner,

I would’ve put up more of a fight

But a lot of what they hurl at me

Is exactly what I want to hear

You can’t be afraid of words that

Don’t spark fear.

I haven’t even watched that show. I don’t care about some lady who projects herself that much into her fucking house. Sometimes you gotta just keep shit you don’t like. Mic drop.

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