Too Something

I’ve always been too


Too much

Too big

Too gay

Too white

Too straight

Too prude

Too weird

Too sexual

Too interesting

Too boring

Too loud

Too quiet

Too intense

Too obnoxious

Too butch

Too sassy

Too independent

Too clingy

Too emotional

Too serious

Too funny

Too casual

Too formal

Too real

Too phony

Too dumb

Too smart

Too witty

Too lame

Too small

Too fat

Too tall

Too short

Too old

Too young

Too anything

Too something

Maybe my problem

Is that I’m too curious

Maybe my problem

Is that I’m too me

Maybe my problem

Is that I have a soul with capacity fit

For ten

And they’re all making their demands

They all have their wants, their needs

There are simply

Too many people inside me

They are all very unhappy!

They’ve been mistreated, too !

Who do I listen to?

What they all want,

Or what you do?

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