Topics I’ve Been Considering/Avoiding

I’m alive and I want to make another episode I’m just

Going through the times and being alive and surviving so that’s been

More than enough content for an episode or two, but the truth is

I’ve got like three, I just hate them all. It’s not the content

I want. I don’t want to sit and bitch about

The way things are I want to suggest how they could be and

Maybe give a few examples of how I’m making them better, and

For me, at least right now, that effort is best spent elsewhere.

But hey, I care, so here’s what I’ve been considering as topics:

–Moral Perfectionism

–Hero Worship

–Trans Representation

–1 year post op update and top surgery self-care tips

Topics I’ve been avoiding:

–Republican Scare Tactic Distraction politics

–Things you can see on the news for yourself

–The overwhelming sense of dread and fear that comes with being transgender in the American south in 2023

–How much I hate Buck Angel and his divorced cockroach-esque grifting lifestyle

–Making an entire episode about dicks and packers because 1. it’s on my mind and 2. I’m avoiding it because it’s been done 100000000000x and nobody fucking needs more affiliate-marketed dildos up their literal fucking asses

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