Totally Different and Exactly The Same/Times Have Changed


I didn’t think

Being a man would be

This different.

It alarms and astounds me.

When I see people post

About how their lives

Are the same, no different

Since transitioning or since


I wonder what it is

They are talking about—

Are they talking about

The way they feel?



I am identical.

I am the same, no different

There is no change in

Who I am

Just how I am perceived

By other people.


That perception

The comparison of

Me verses

A cis man

Is my reality, and sometimes

I forget

How transphobic

The people in my life used to be

Before I had to get rid of everyone

Who didn’t respect the man in me—

It wasn’t difficult to do

It wasn’t tricky

All I had to do

Was stop talking to

The handful of people

Who never respected

My masculinity to begin with.

The truth is—

People who don’t respect

Fat men— don’t respect

Hardly anyone.


Most men are fat!

So that only leaves

Teenage girls, wives, other similar guys —

Everyone else is the shame of America

Come to life


I just

I find it really upsetting

That there are people

Undeniably participating

In the quest for

A thinner, younger, leaner look

Who are using trans rights

As a crutch to modify their lives

It’s not in the groupthink

To shame people questing

For shallow improvements

But it’s always allowed, always permitted

In the group think

To shame people for looking

Fat, old, and disinteresting.

They even Filmed a whole documentary

About Billy Milligan

Where they interviewed

All of the old fat Ohioans

With “far away, “interesting” creative backgrounds”

To me it was striking

How far away they needed to be

In order to make things more

“Palatable” for the “viewer”

Times aren’t a changing—

Times have changed.

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