Toxic Femininity

We hear a lot about toxic masculinity

What about toxic femininity?

What about the mean girls,

You know–

The one they made a movie about?

It’s funny, right?!

Lindsay Lohan and the other ppl

Tina Fey and shiiit

Regina George gets hit by a bus

There are some morals

People watch it and go

Oh hahah ahh cool yup

I know girls like that

Where are they now?

Does it matter?

Does it matter what any woman does?


All that I notice

Is that women are as valuable

As they look.

So incidentally

Some women

Are most valuable in high school

I guess that means

People watching the movie

Identified with what they saw

And understood

That yes, indeed

A woman is only as valuable

As her rank in her clique

Whether it be the hot girls

Or the dorks

They’re all being ranked



By their looks, and by

Who fucks them.

Maybe I’m wrong but

Isn’t that the same as

All that toxic masculine stuff

People are always going on about?

Why is it not still feminist

To call some bitch out

When she’s manipulating,

Betraying and backstabbing

Her fellow woman?

Are women even considered fellows?

Not based on my experience

We seem to be bred

To fucking hate one another

Maybe we would call it

Toxic femininity

If we didn’t just say

Bitch, cunt or pussy.

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