Toxic Masc./OSPFAP


The weird thing about

Toxic masculinity

Is that it seems to be


Idk I mean I used to be like

“That ain’t me

Ain’t never gonna be

People that be like that

Be crazy” and it’s true they fucking are—

Now I’m like whoa wtf

That was me as a lady

Hardcore all the time

Pure unadulterated toxic masculinity

In a fat dyke body also

Now that I’m a man in men’s spaces

Toxic masculinity is often on the table

And depending on your supervisor

You can live there full-time

I think the idea

That it doesn’t matter and

It doesn’t affect you and

Being around people like that is

Fine because

“You don’t let it bother you”

I think that’s bullshit. I think

Everyone is bothered and honestly

I think staying silent

While your boss throws a tantrum

Is how wars aren’t prevented , and honestly

If everyone would just

Harden the fuck up

And admit to themselves

That they don’t need that shit in their lives

They don’t need

Machismo and they don’t need to pretend

As if some men don’t have feelings,

Or shouldn’t.

Anyway, who am I

Just some overly sensitive

Pussy fat ass poet

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