Are people toxic?

Not in the sexy B. Spears kind of way

Toxic in the

“Toxic people have x y z habits —

Avoid these people”

Are the people toxic

Or are the habits ?

If it’s a habit

They do it more than once, so I guess

That is when they become

A toxic person…?

When the toxic behavior

Becomes a habit…

I mean, now that I think about it

Who among us

Is without a single toxic habit

Who among us

Is without mistake

Who among us

Could claim to be


If the criteria at hand

Is always out of yours, and

In someone else’s?

Why are the woke

So eager to identify

The toxic from the non,

Don’t they realize

How toxic it is

To mislabel someone or something

Toxic, unnecessarily?

Don’t they realize

How toxic it is

To instinctively, habitually

Label everything that isn’t them

“Toxic”, while all the

“Toxic” people kindly explain

Why fat people are unhealthy and undeserving

Why sluts get what they had coming

Why the toxicity is

Everywhere except for them, for whatever reason

Everything the light touches

In the woke kingdom

Is toxic, until further notice.

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