Trans and Fat In The Same Sentence/How Many Poems Will It Take

How many poems can I write about

The reflection of denial I see staring back

At the same people insisting

I am somehow in denial when

Their behavior magically eludes them.

How many poems can I write

Where I tag trans and fat

In the same sentence

Until finally someone in the community

Acknowledges that both of these are

Permanent, and transient identities

Don’t exist. Only transient appearances

I wonder how many poems it will take

For my perspective to be clear enough

For the masses to drink

Or if I will have to market it as

Diet, a calorie free

Fat positive seltzer

Designed to make you feel at ease

And comfortable

Alas I am not a product I am a person and

I have no quality assurance

Instead I will have to keep

Writing more poems.

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