Trans Bills/Puppets/Distraction Tactics

More like trans bobs amirite…

These ‘publicans

And their public tirades meant to

Trigger and trigger and trigger and repeat

Hoping to fire off

Every bit of non-productive energy

The population has

Against a common enemy

A rare, bipartisan enemy

The same people who were screaming

“Women are too delicate to play sports at all”

Are now screaming

“We must ‘protect women’s sports’ at all costs”

“We must stop the transgender agenda”

Which I guess is

Being ourselves, legally, inside and outside as well.


I’ve been a bad queer content creator…

… or have I?


I don’t think it’s productive

Or helpful

Or even relevant

To keep up with the anti trans youth bills

I actually think it’s sad and weird

It’s like keeping notes

On what your bullies say

So that your comebacks can be quicker—

Best comeback?

Silence, tbh. That way no one can point the finger

At anyone but the loudmouth, the bully

The one trying to misdirect attention

To the smallest population of people

That for whatever reason

Both sides hate dealing with.

Trans bills?

Bobbing for apples in a tub full of piss.

These people are doing

Every distraction tactic in the book

And I refuse to look and listen —

I’m trying to stay focused on what it is

They do after the bills, before, around

What they do with the momentum they’ve found

I’m more concerned about war, abortion

Women’s pay and healthcare access for all.

What I have to believe

Is that none of the monstrous bills

They introduce like

Reporting parents and doctors in Texas for

Supporting their kids, or

Banning a struggling kid in school from participating in

Extracurricular activities —

None of these can last

Not because the hate isn’t real

Not because the ignorance isn’t thick and

The prejudice isn’t grotesque

But because that isn’t what they are really trying to do in the end.

They want something else

Something worse

And I’ve been keeping silent, keeping a watchful eye

Waiting for the real problem to emerge

While they have us strung up like puppets with

Needles in our backs, calling us

Triggered idiots.

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