Trans Healthcare/Trans Representation Rant

A lot of loud young instagram/youtuber trans people are like–

“Trans healthcare is bad,

Things are shitty and that’s why

People have bad experiences

Doctors are bigots and

The world is trying to kill us”

Perhaps, or perhaps

We are some of their biggest customers…

I think, if anyone is going to argue against

Trans healthcare, you are going to have to start arguing

With the whole dang system, and what it does to fucking

Everyone. If you hate how trans people are treated

In healthcare, just wait till you hear how they treat

Fat people. Oh right– you don’t care–

Those people brought it on themselves, right?

Great that you brought that up– that’s exactly how

Everyone sees trans healthcare– a personal choice.

With outcomes that are reflected on the individual

And the individual alone.

I’m sick of these spoiled, rich megaphoned instagram idiots

Celebrities and “influencers” and whatever shitbits

Talking about trans rights and healthcare

When they’ve always been on their fucking parent’s insurance

Or fucking rich as shit–

We need trans representation

That isn’t some sort of weird fetishized youtuber kid.

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