Trans Masc Pec Dance/We Are All On Steroids.

I think at the end of the day

The thing that pisses me off the most about all of these

Trans masculine transformations, is not that

It’s not happening to me–

It absolutely fucking is.

I make my pecs dance first thing

When I wake up and last thing

Before I go to bed. I’m fucking

obsessed with them.

The reason for the anger being–


We are all on steroids.

What the fuck do you think is happening?

Do you think you’ve just now magically managed

To lose weight and gain muscle

Because you’re fucking disciplined?

Have you considered at all

The effect that HRT, surgery, and transitioning

Has had on your mental health?

Do you value things besides

Social wealth?

If you did– you’d be able to sit back and say


Ever since I started transitioning

My mental health and the steroids I take

Have really propelled my body into shape”

But nope!

That’s not nearly as sexy as it could be

You’ve gotta take all the credit, grab

All that potential social wealth

And fucking soak it all in while you can because

You’re trans in the new millennia–

You’re nothing if not just

Viral click bait people use

To prove points they already believe, just look around.

It’s almost as ludacris as some cis men

Insisting they never had an athletic advantage

To begin with.

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