Trans Masc

Ugh I’m annoyed

I’m not supposed to be a bitch

I’m a dude now but

My friend was like

“Lol–trans masc–

I feel like nobody says ‘masc’ anymore–

Trans masc is like an oxymoron”

I’m over here like


I am trans masculine

That is what I am

I am a masculine

Trans person

I do not identify as

Female or femme

I do not identify as a

Man, either.

I am a trans masculine

Non Binary individual

Nothing about

Trans is inherently femme

Unless you are a gay man

Surrounded by other gay men

Who think being trans is a way

To make yourself feminine

I think perhaps maybe

This is why most of the

Trans men I know

Hate drag and don’t go to shows

Perhaps these gay men are

Just as bigoted

As everyone else

Also non binary


Is not inclusion of

Trans masculine identities,

I think perhaps that

The TERF’s are famous

For being lesbian bigots

But that gay men

Are so used to seeing

Trans people as other

They don’t even realize

That there are trans guys everywhere

Blending in and

Passing so well you don’t even think of them as

Trans, or worse

Not passing, and not blending, and

Not being considered men

Unconscious bias is

Unconscious to them, but

Hurts when I see it

So often, even in a friend.

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