Trans Men Only Have Representation That Fits Through The Queer Lens/Fuck The Male Gaze

Lately I’ve been bothered by

Just how many issues there are

With fatphobia, extreme dieting

Image obsession and concern trolling

In the male universe—

It seems at first

That gay men have it the worst

But that same lens

That same perspective

The one sharing pics of

Bulges in underwear’s and

Naked chiseled abs and

Voting for your favorite color

Pubes and how you like

Your asshole stripped—

This same lens

The Dan Savages

Is the same spectacle

Hovering over trans masculine bodies

Laughing at how

“Trans masculine” is an oxymoron

How moronic is that?

Maybe loads of trans men are gay—

Or maybe

Every gay men I’ve ever met in my life

Is convinced everyone else is a huge closet faggot

Using the same lens

They used to define themselves

On some random other guy

Who shares none

Absolutely none of their circumstance

Why do I see all these

Ripped, chiseled, thin

Top surgeried trans masculine bodies

On people’s newsfeeds?

Is it representation

Or is it just an attempt

To try and make gay men thirsty

For a body that they would be

Surprised to discover

Is more masculine than they are ?

Fuck the male gaze

Get it off of me

I hated it as a lesbian

And now that I’m a straight man

I can’t even get through the day

Without some pushy oversexualized nonsense

“Representing” me

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