Trans Men Who Tried

Seems like my newsfeed is full of posts about

Trans men who tried and

Trans men who died.

Trans men who learned about all of the

Pain and hate in society

Who either kill themselves or

Go into hiding.

Makes me wonder what all of the bullshit

On the internet

About x identity being more or less dangerous than

Y identity when

At the end of the day

Trans people are dying

No matter who they are, no matter

Where they work. No matter

What part of the intersectionality web

They all stuck you on.

Dangers, threats, suicide, mental health—

These threats are all around all of us

No matter who you are, but perhaps

The rate at which we trivialize men’s feelings

Plays a part.

2 Replies to “Trans Men Who Tried”

  1. JustAGuy

    I don’t understand all this suicide among trans. I quietly sought out doctors and did what needed to be done. Live a normal life now. I dont talk to anyone about it. It’s all in the past.

    • Mad About It

      I’m mostly referring to the guy that worked at HRC who recently passed. He was working in an environment that was highly aware of the dangers and received threats on a daily basis. As for myself, I kind of agree with you as nowadays— the only real danger is if I mention it to someone else, which I don’t unless it’s relevant.

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