Trans-ogynyies/Make Do

Misogynist is, for some reason

The only thing anyone is allowed to be, nowadays.

Throughout my transition I have been

Forced to come to terms with my

Misandry and boy I tell you what–

It’s been pretty mind-blowing, and also

Dare I say… lonely?

Not because I’m not the only one who has this realization–

But rather that

I can’t find a single trans person

Who is willing to admit

To anything other than acknowledging misogyny.

I need to be specific–

The approved ogynies are

Trans women now experience misogyny, and

Trans men now admit to struggling with

Cultural misogyny, and their role in it.

If you have a change of perspective on men–

Well, the narrative tells us you’re gay now…!


It seems that my dialogue, my perspective,

The one that I lived, doesn’t fit this narrative.

I also have yet

To have an open and honest conversation

With a trans woman about their own

Personal realizations

About their own misogynist preconceptions

The only person I’ve seen in “the narrative”

That talks about this

Is Caitlyn Jenner

Who the woke left has basically banned

From all spaces.

That is very similar, if not the same as–

Saying you aren’t in support of that narrative.

The only supported trans-ogyny is misogyny

The kind that women experience

And if you dare say that trans women aren’t women well–

You’re a fucking misogynist transphobe idiot

The only real alternatives to this dialogue I’ve found are

Self-loathing mansplaining garbage sources like

Rose of Dawn and The Mars Show.

I don’t understand why I feel so

Naked, so brave, so vulnerable

When I speak about my internalized misandry

I want to hear a new dialogue, a more

Believable, authentic to my experience dialogue

One where trans women

Are respected enough as women

To admit that they might have been men

For a hot second.

I am

Completely disinterested

In the misogyny that trans women now experience–

It is identical to the misogyny all women have been

Speaking, whispering, writing, poeming, filming, sculpting

Painting, performing, singing

Screaming about, for centuries

I am more interested in their perspective on misogyny, tbh

What I am extremely interested in

What I am in draught of, to be honest,

Is a conversation about the various

Misogynist things trans women have realized

About themselves, and about their own journey

Through heaven and hell.

What is so taboo

About a trans woman admitting that

They used to have to make do,

As a dude, the way that

I have to.

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