Trans Representation Shouldn’t Be A Business/BFS&T

Being trans is not something that

People should be paid to do as


Nobody should be making money on it.

No profit margin, plz.

Why? Because you’ve gotta be providing

A service to others. Otherwise you’re just another

Cult leader with a fat wallet.

It’s kind of a huge part of why I just

Keep existing, miraculously, without

Much financial maintenance—

I never started doing this for money.

It’s clear to me, who is

And who isn’t

Based on their content.

What am I mad about?

The list goes on, but as I get old

I can’t help but be angry about

The commercialization of identity,

It’s fucking nasty, uniquely American

Uniquely abhorrent and

Uniquely disturbing.

It’s sad that some content creators

Shamelessly use the queer community

As a bank account. It’s sad that


Is what some people call being

Successful on the internet.

Side note

If you want to be famous and successful —

And trans—

That’s fucking awesome!

That’s literally what representation is

But just being trans

And nothing else

Is nothing special to me, or to you.

Transitioning is the process of

Becoming who you are, fully.

If that stops and starts with gender then

I don’t envy you.


If you want to be famous and successful and

Powerful, you’ve got every right—

You’re just not entitled to it because you’re trans.

You gotta do something more than that, nowadays—

Sorry, Buck— nobody gives a fuck

If you don’t have any other talents.

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