Trans Struggle

I’m weirded out and embarrassed

By the response people have had to this episode

This transgender man, who has his own beliefs

His own life, his own experiences

He had a truly terrible and misleading experience

With Dr. Crane, a famous plastic surgeon in the trans community

Who advertises phalloplasty on his website

This guy’s testimony is legit, he lived it.

He had complications with just about every part of it

And no benefits to speak of

And he advocates against trans kids transitioning–

So for that reason alone

He, and his whole story, his whole testimony

Has been cancelled

I think that is disgusting and reductive

This is just as important as any other resource

I think the trans community might have more than a bit of

Toxic positivity that prevents it from having

Hard conversations about things that really matter, things like

Trans people who struggle.

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