Transgender Umbrella, ella, ella, eh… eh….. eh……..

If Bisexuals get their own fucking letter

Why not talk about

Trans men and women

As separate issues, the way

Life does?

Separate surgeries, separate hormones,

Separate starting points and separate end-goals.

Trans men and trans women

Do not share much experience besides

The transgender umbrella.

Nonbinary folks

Who do not medically or surgically transition

Have different experiences as well.

These things are all true–

Lesbians are not the same as gay men and

Pansexuals have their own thing.

Polyamorous folks don’t even need to have

A deviant sexuality. Why would we include

All of these alternate relationship models

As individual important details

While bundling together

All gender variations into

T and I categories.

What the actual fuck people

I was talking to a friend and he literally said

“I had no idea trans men and trans women had

Such different experiences”

I responded “why would you–

It’s as if we don’t exist unless

You happen to know one”

I’ve been waiting for years now for this not to be true

Alas, the only people

Concerned about the differences between

Trans men and trans women

Are conservative zealots like

Abigail Shrier who dare noticed something at all

Do I like her book? Eh, not much

But to be honest

Anyone who mentions that trans men

Have different life experiences

Is someone I will listen to, even if

I disagree with all of it, at least

For the love of god

Somebody else noticed.

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