Transient Experience

Testosterone is a

Change agent and

Trans men are far from the only ones

Who adore it

Gay men seem to have

Fetishized and explained

All of human sexuality

As it occurs to men, changing

Constantly, evolving and forming

Into stages of male physique.

You’ve got otters you’ve got

Pups you’ve got bears and

Elephants you’ve got

Weasels and cunts

And don’t forget

…! The ancient Greeks

All of which can be seen and fucked

In Croatia, modern day

On your next big gay vacation cruise package.

Ain’t no human experiences just

All the different types of stereotypes—


I used to actually complain

As a lesbian

That there was no such thing as a

Bear category for women—

Now I’m like

Get these weird creepy fetish labels

Off of my body, my identity

My transient experience

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