Transphobia Is Significantly More Popular Than Allyship

I no longer wonder about the transphobic trans creators and

Why they choose to do it.

It’s the most attention for the least amount of effort.

A lot of scummy shit types are into that.

Anyway I’ve been having a lot of issues with the facebook page.

Facebook is really coming down hard on small pages

I think they’re like

“Who is this creep troll, get more followers”

Yeah okay fuck you man

Facebook used to compete with myspace and

I preferred them…!

But there are whole conservative

Christian value networks

With hundreds of thousands of followers and likes and retweets

All worried about the influence on the children and the

Scars transitioning leaves.

They are so worked into a fever about

Things they don’t understand or listen to. They are

More mad about anything than I’ve ever been capable

Of reducing anything to.

Their anger is pure and distilled and on it they are all

Drunk as hell.

I am afraid to exist in this society but

I have to anyway.

Worst thing about the hate crimes is that

They cheer from their side

Much louder than we can cry.

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