Treating Me Differently/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dick

Relationshipping while trans is

Hard to do.

You’re like

Hey I’m not comfortable being treated like a woman

I’ll be a man instead

But hold up

Everyone you ever date is going to

Feel awkward about your pronouns and

Shame you sexually and

Be awkward when you ask for what you need

To feel comfortable, and then make you apologize

To them for making them uncomfortable because well—

You’re trans.

Then if you’re lucky they’ll

Apologize to you if anyone mentions

Penis because well

You don’t have that, do you

You must be so upset when people talk penis because

You don’t have one

Maybe I’m not upset about penises at all

Maybe I have one that is small

What if by chance

You were just being a bitch

For treating me so differently than

Who I am, and what I say.

What if finding a date that isn’t transphobic is impossible today

What if it’s impossible period.

When am I gonna find someone who knows

My dick is there just hidden.

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