I go hiking multiple times a year —

Hiking, to me

Is the most wonderful “sport” on earth

All bodies

Of all capabilities

Can go on

All durations and difficulties

Of hikes.

The only people that don’t already know this

Seem to pop up

Whenever I am near—


When I hike in the smokies, or

When I run the local park stairs, or

When I hiked up Quandary Peak—

I was heckled and jeered

By packs of young adults

All seemingly in “good spirits” lmfao

Everybody is having fun!

So why does big mean fatty

Who hates bearing the brunt

Have to ruin their idea

Of what fat people are?

The better question here perhaps

Is what is it about

My body

That makes your physical accomplishments

More or less special?

Why can’t I ever get

A gold medal

Just for showing up

At the peak, the same way

The Instagram asshats get to receive?

Why are all of my

Physical accomplishments


In the face

Of adipose ?

Why is it that

The hecklers

Are the good guys

And the fat people

Are in denial, lazy,

Weak willed sorts— you know

The kind that sit back

And watch the whole world

Laugh at everything we are.

Why is my body,

My anger, my pride

Something you have

To trivialize ?

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