Trumeds Are TERFs? In What World…?

Folks at what point

Is any trans person alive

Going to admit that they have a sex

They are at odds with—

What is so wrong with

Admitting it ?

“To be trans is to deny gender realism”

I disagree 100%

To be trans is to take hormones

And present differently than the way you were born as

To be a TERF

Is to be a cis heterosexual person with privilege

Or a “cis” queer person in the gender closet

Whose favorite target is trans women.

To be a TERF

Is more like being an incel

That it is to be a realist and

To be trans

Is to acknowledge yourself

For who you really are—

A realism too crisp, too bright, too intense for most.

I’m sick of these fucking

Liberal classist vegan cunt bitches

Speaking their anxieties as philosophies

And telling anyone they disagree with

That they’re a lesser being who just

Doesn’t understand— I, just the same as

Everyone else

Understand my own reality

As well as when I’m being talked

Down to.

I don’t understand what it is about being trans

That makes some people so goddamn triggered

About sex.

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