TRUSCUM Infrastructure and Ideology Motivate Non-binary Folx To Overprescribe, Make Surgical Regrets and Eventually Detransition

This is my opinion

Not a fact.

It’s a clear and casual observation to make

That the people shouting

“You need to have a DSM diagnosis—

You need to have hormones, you need

To have gender dysphoria, you need to have

This and this and this in order to be transgender”

Would be creating an environment

That would motivate a young person

To feel pressured to express their gender

According to the “plan” that all transsexuals

“Have” to follow

It would make sense that these young people

Would feel pressured to prove themselves

As “trans enough” in order to be taken seriously

As a non-binary or transgender person.

As a non-binary person who understands

The erasure, the frustration, I definitely felt pressure

To go along with a stereotypical

Trans man transition

I don’t understand

Why the system available to me

Forced me to agree to things I wouldn’t have

In order to fit the protocol for what trans is.

If the TRUSCUM really want

Only binary trans people to transition

They should stop forcing anyone

Who wants to transition

Into a binary transition.

The pressure to have surgery

The pressure to go on hormones

The pressure to pass

The pressure to “look the part”

To prove to others that you are

“Truly” a part of the community

Has to be a factor in all of this

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