I’ve heard this word a lot

Since I started doing all of this shit.

Truscum is a bit of a doosey, at least–

To me–hillbilly beckifer.

Here is the definition I’ve found on the

SJWWIKI??? There is a wiki

For sjw’s now!? wtf ya’ll

It should just be

All the same dictionary

We all agree on.

I am not too keen on something

That calls itself “sjw” in the first place–

fucking hell


“Truscum are people who think dysphoria is an essential component of being trans and anyone who doesn’t experience it is fake, “appropriating transness”, a “transtrender”, etc. They very often exclude non-binary and agender people as well.”

I feel like I have experienced

Truscum beliefs and behaviors

But like most anything, I don’t know anyone

Who would identify themselves

As truscum. I think most of the

Trans people I’ve met are really internally

Transphobic and are insecure about

Anyone who’s experience differs

Dramatically from theirs, somehow

The differences make theirs feel

Illegitimate, but the only reason you’d

Feel such a way is because people

Make you feel like you have to be

Something that you aren’t, so

Take a shortcut with me

And recognize

That you are what you are,

You might not ever understand

What that is, but–

You are definitely NOT supposed to be

Something you aren’t.

Nobody wants binary trans folk to become

Enbies, and nobody on the enby spectrum

Wants to be told who to be either.

Please stop telling people

Who and what to be, and how to be it–

I’m doing my best to express

This message in as many different ways

As I can and I just can’t seem

To explain it well enough

For the violence and the exclusion and the

Petty grievances to stop

Everyone is enough–

And nobody needs to be a cop.



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