Tulip Tears

Does anyone else think

The sun is brighter, now?

The air is drier,

The ground is thinner,

The water, runnier?

The trees seem sad,

The bushes are lonely

Despite being all intertwined

I walked by a flower, yesterday

It was crying

I shit you not

This poor little tulip

Was overwhelmed by fear

It had no company, no plan

No retirement or children

Just a shriveled up tulip

In the middle of a yard

Poor little fucker got thrown

In the middle of some sod

They put the bulb out there

And it came up

Where no tulip belonged

I didn’t have the heart to tell it

In between its sobs

That no other tulips would be joining them

No other flowers would bloom

That tulip will stay there

All alone, forever

Until someone decides

It didn’t belong in the lawn

Poor little tulip

Didn’t choose to be planted

In some poser-shit sod.

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