Tumblr Is For Idiots/Lay Off The Cocaine, Dude

Based on my experience

Chaining my WordPress

To random publishings I can

Seamlessly integrate in the app—

Tumblr is where I get

The most idiotic responses.

People saying things like

“Sitting around and playing video games

Wastes your life and leads to diabetes—“

Thank you for saying that,

Non-doctor, ignorant idiot, who has

No concept of my lifestyle, and seems to be

Unaware of the fact

That his faggot ass

Is sitting on the internet

Talking to a fat person!!



The ideology is contagious or whatever

You fucking body bigots think—

What is it about

Body neutrality

That makes people think

Diet and exercise, healthy lifestyle—

Isn’t an assumed ingredient of a happy life?!

Do you find it hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle?

I could give you all sorts of tips

Ones I’ve learned and practiced in action since

Middle school. I cannot imagine

Being such a high horse

Stupid fucking faggot

As to not be able to read

A poem

About how fat people

Already do all the things they do

Without the stupid

Tumblr idiot

Having a fucking heart attack—

Lay off the cocaine dude

It isn’t good for you!

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