Ulterior Motive/Online Trans Community

I mean if you don’t

Have struggles with the struggle then

Are you really struggling ?

Way I see it the online trans community

Likes to make weird German scat porn

With everyone who agrees to be in it

And I just

Am not into it.

I fucking hate it.

So gross. Poop is just a full stop, personally.

I’ve been so focused on everything in my life that matters that

I’ve had to take

“The online trans community”

Off the back burner

And into the back yard

Where I had a bon-voyage bonfire

And said Jk nvm see you later

To everything about myself besides

What I cherished so much I couldn’t bear part with.

Now that I have my bare essentials I just

Really don’t give a shit

About anybody else’s process.

I don’t want to see tips

I don’t want to see your hormone progress

I never have, to be honest !

I was simply angry enough to change

Because I was fucking miserable

And now I’m not—

So I’m going on

To live, for the first time ever

If anything gets between me

And my happiness

I fucking throw it in the bonfire. I’ve wasted

28-30 some odd years being miserable

I do not have the time to waste

On contrarian idiots who dig trans rights’ graves

For the hope and sake of mild to moderate internet fame.

I’m over all of it.

I hope people find my blog and shit at some point

And realize that there was at least one person

Who was sharing their transition simply to

Try and make sense of it, simply to

Shoot the shit and toast marshmallows

Smoke some joints and muse some musings

Normal fucking real shit

No ulterior motive.

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