The thing about bias

Is that you have it

Even when you’re unconscious

Not like, knocked out—

Just whenever you’re

Not thinking about it

It’s still there, operating without a glitch.

In this day and age

It’s become extremely unpopular

To be “woke”

To be “conscious”

But I find this incredulous

Considering some parts of bias

Are downright comatose

They do not wake up, even if you are

Shaking them.

Those bits of bias

Might never leave you

Just the same way that

Your mother’s bad advice haunts you

To insist that you’ve

Conquered all of your biases

In the name of something

That makes you seem superior

To everyone else —

Do you see it now?

Your unconscious biases

Are still running the show

They will never let you know

That you are a bigot

That’s the way unconscious works

So maybe instead of

Hopping on a high horse

You could grab a shovel

And get a little dirty

Digging through all the shit

You’ve been unconsciously hoarding

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